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Echange High Wycombe

Field Trip In England (Laura and Célia)

Par CLAIRE DUCOMMUN, publié le mercredi 25 avril 2018 10:29 - Mis à jour le dimanche 13 mai 2018 12:51

This is a glimpse of our trip in England, only major events are told in this presentation. We hope whoever reads it, enjoys it !

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  • Great work girls!!

    Créé il y a plus d'un an
    It was a joy to read your accounts of your time in England, I'm glad you both enjoyed your time there. Célia - you used some great vocabulary and expressions, and it was interesting to see a schedule of a typical day at work. Its also great that you included some details about what the work experience taught you. There are a few little influences from French but in general your blog is very well written and you have expressed yourself well. Laura - like Célia, you used great vocabulary and phrases (eg "acquainted with my surroundings") and what you have written, although less detailed, is very clear and understandable with only some minor errors. Next time you could pay a little more attention to punctuation when listing names/things so it reads a little more smoothly. It was really good that you included some information about experiencing English culture, such as the football match. Great work girls!! - Maggie ☺️
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