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Echange High Wycombe

3rd day

Par Eva ALARY, publié le mercredi 7 février 2018 18:02 - Mis à jour le vendredi 9 février 2018 11:33

On Sunday, I woke up quite late and ate lunch with the family.

We watched a movie on the beginning of the afternoon and then they surprised me and took me to the Harry Potter Studios in Leavesden. As I am a fan, I almost cried of happiness. We spent 3 hours inside and I was really happy to be there. I saw a lot of elements of the movie and learned new things so it was really cool. The family was really kind and they helped me if I didn't understand a word on the differents boards.

When we left, we ordered a takeover in a curry restaurant and ate it at home, I really liked this moment with everyone.

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