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Echange High Wycombe

Working in a library

Par Eva ALARY, publié le mercredi 7 février 2018 18:03 - Mis à jour le mercredi 7 février 2018 19:02

During the 5-days-week, I did my work experience in a Library in High Wycombe, in the Eden Center. I was with Laura and it was really helpful to have a friend with me. We met our work placement mentor, Phil, and he explained to us how the place works. We had access to every part of it, like the staff room or private parts.

During all the week, we had to repeat the same tasks over and over, it was simple. We had to do :

- the shelving : which consist in putting back the books on the shelves.

- the returns : when we had to take a trolley and go everywhere in the library to recover all the books that the customers left. Then we had to put them back in other trolleys that we used for the shelving.

- the blue boxes : around London, there is a big libraries community, and they help each others by trading books. These books travel in blue boxes, and our task was to scan books and to put them in the right box so they can go to another place, like Amersham or Buckingham.

- the borrowing : in the library, there is a borrowing system that allow the customers to reserve any books they want. We had to scan them so the computer gave us a paper where the name of the person that wanted it is written, and we had to highlight that name and place it in the right place in the book -on the cover- so the person can find it easily. 

- the desks : we where with members of the staff and we helped customers, printed what they wanted, connected them on computers,...


During our one-hour lunchtime, Laura and I went out in the center, ate and did shopping. Lucy joined us as her working placement was close to our.

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