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Echange High Wycombe

A week in England

Par Eloise CROC, publié le dimanche 4 mars 2018 13:53 - Mis à jour le dimanche 13 mai 2018 12:56
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    Créé il y a plus d'un an
    This is really great work Eloise. It was good that you worked on your blog each day while you were in England as it means you could add a lot of detail about what you did, where you went and what you ate. The level of English is very high with almost no mistakes! I enjoyed reading about your work experience, it sounds like you were able to practice your English and I'm sure you learnt a lot from the job. You could perhaps revise the differences between "come in" vs "come to..." but generally you expressed yourself really well. Well done! - Maggie :)
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